about us

Bringing music to life

Fomerly 'Ed Man Studios', Azura Sound is owned and operated by Sharky Sharky/Ascension guitarist Fraser Edwards. The studio is located near Leeds, England. Services provided include Recording, Editing, Reamping, Mixing and Mastering.


our mission

  • never to compromise on quality

    There is nothing in our studio that isn't high end. We strive for absolute perfection and clients have told us our productions hold their own when compared to the very best in the business. We are certainly not the 'boy down the road with a cracked copy of superior drummer and podfarm who'll record your whole album for a fiver.'

  • to surpass your expectations

    A lot of bands go to record at their local studios and are disappointed when their music doesn't sound as good as their heroes'. We know what we're doing and will never let a client leave disappointed. It is our goal to create a finished product that we can look back on in 50 or 60 years with pride.

  • to be the best

    We are offended by mediocrity and are constantly improving with every new production. Our equipment list is constantly expanding but it our engineers' skills, experience and ears that are our studio's most valuable asset.




“Fraser is one of the most talented musicians I've ever met, very versatile and open minded in his approach to music so I can assure you that you will be very satisfied with the result, whether it's recording, mixing or mastering.”

magnus winterwild (axenstar)

“From my experience with 'ed man' the process was efficient yet retained a creative aspect. It was fluid with many ideas being thrown back and forth throughout. While the quality and implimentation of the equipment at the studio was top notch.”

Scott Bruce (Forest Fires)