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Mixing fashion blog pt.4

For those of you unaware of the premise of my mixing fashion blog it is basically a rant I let myself do every once in a while. Mixing is such a solitary process and I don't like posting on forums so this is my only opportunity to talk about what I spend 90% of my time on this planet doing...

Mixing fashion blog pt.3

Sound treatment bass traps and tri-traps are in. Trying to decide whether it sounds good or it's just the placebo effect. I thought it sounded shit at first, but then I stopped listening to Placebo and it sounded pro...

Mixing fashion blog pt.2

Blog Part 2 Quad tracking lead vocals is in! Vocalign has existed for a while now so it's time to make this a better world for our children to grow up in. SoundToys Echoboy for lead vocal delay is in; gives you that pop vocal vibe and thickens up the vocal sound...

Mixing fashion blog pt.1

Blog part 1: Overheads are out this season; turn those fuckers doooowwwn. High ratio (5:1), low threshold opto compressors on VOX are in; throw your dbx160 in the bin. Kemper Profiling Amps are in; Buy that shit and re amp through no less than 3 amp profiles per rhythm track. MB comp on...



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