mixing fashion blog

Mixing fashion blog pt.1

Overheads are out this season; turn those fuckers doooowwwn.

High ratio (5:1), low threshold opto compressors on VOX are in; throw your dbx160 in the bin.

Kemper Profiling Amps are in; Buy that shit and re amp through no less than 3 amp profiles per rhythm track.

MB comp on RTM GTRs is back in; take out those mids before they take out you.

400hz on RTM GTRs is in; boost that shit.

Melodyne is in; no one wants to hear wrong notes.

Spending 5 hours recording GTRs for a single verse is in; because guitars never stay in tune (and quad tracking is in).

Real Drums are in; Slate is out (for now) n.b. Toontrack was never in.

Might make this a regular thing. Pro or No. The people need to know.


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