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Mixing fashion blog pt.2

Quad tracking lead vocals is in! Vocalign has existed for a while now so it's time to make this a better world for our children to grow up in.

SoundToys Echoboy for lead vocal delay is in; gives you that pop vocal vibe and thickens up the vocal sound to fuck. Sneap Kick is back in. You know what i'm talking about.

Reverb is out. Its not the 80s anymore. Dry is the way forward. They should invent a dryness plugin. Negative reverb. Antiverb seems like a pro name for it. Note to self: secure trademark rights for Antiverb.

Compare your finished mixes to Jacob Hansen mixes. If it stands up even slightly well to it, you have a hit.

Mad RMS levels are in. Dream Theater recently released a track with a super smashed -7RMS! It sounds fucking gash! Blink 182 did some at a super quiet pensioner pleasing -11! Sounds fucking gash too. Pro or no though, maverick RMS levels are fashionable this week. Get it done.

Kemper Amps Profilers are in. Your TSE X50 can suck a dick. Over and out.


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