Sound Design


Eidos Montreal's 'Shadow of the Tomb Raider'- All audio is replaced by Fraser Edwards.

BORIS: Escape from Brexit Island - Music and Sound by Fraser Edwards. Game created by Fraser Edwards


The Adventures of Sharky Sharky is an animated kids TV show about 5 Sharks who use the magical power of rock music to save the universe from the evil banality of boring music. Music and Sound Design by Fraser Edwards.

Sound Design and Compositions Showreel


This showreel features some compositions and productions I have made over the years for various media.

Sound Libraries


SEABASS is a detailed Bass Sampler in the form of a Kontakt Library. Sampled from a MusicMan Stingray Bass, NKIs include articulations such as downpick, uppick, alternate picked, slap and pop. SEABASS is designed for HARD styles of rock and metal, where the velocity is typically played as hard as possible (or 127 in MIDI). 5 round robins for every note mean it's not easy to get a repetitive 'machine gun effect'. The project is named SEABASS in reference to the Stingray bass it was recorded with as well as Sharky Sharky, the sea-themed Rock band that has seen extensive use of this sampler over the years. Inspite of this it has also seen heavy use on numerous progressive metal and pop productions. Unlike many other bass samplers, this is a DI sampler, meaning you can re-amp or use bass plugins to further tailor the sound to your production. The ability to have fresh strings and perfectly tuned bass, as well as not having to track a bassist, have meant that sometimes a client may prefer to use SEABASS over a real instrument, or at least find it a very useful tool for getting a production sounding finished right out the gate. SEABASS was tracked through a Focusrite ISA 430mk2 into RME Converters.